Rick Krementz

You want your ideas to be successful. So do I.

Too many ideas crash for the wrong reasons: don't let that happen to you.

Business Brainstorming

Got an idea? Stumped with a problem? Where or who might be the right market? What else can my product or service do? What other value streams might be harvestable? What other resources do I need, and where do I find them? Is my product and company sustainable, or is it a bang-flash grenade? Do adequate resources exist? Do you need someone to give you a reality check before you get a second mortgage? Why aren't venture capitalists saying "Yes!"

These are the fun questions that I relish. Bounce the crazy questions off me, and be ready for a lot different, realistic ideas back. Doable ideas, not fantasy. 

My career has always been about learning something new very quickly, usually in unrelated industries. I have been involved (mostly as a co-founder) with mining and mining services, ophthalmology joint ventures, commercial fishing, carbon-free engine fuels, gold and jewelry manufacturing, international trade, alternate energy production and services, high-security transaction-based B2B Internet, and live theatre. Currently exploring energy harvesting for very low power sensors and transmitters. 

I know when I can be useful; if I am not, I know to bow out. 

Entrepreneur Coaching

Starting a business? Great! Do you know everything you need? If you say "Yes", you are probably in deep water with a concrete life preserver. Are you "cut out" to be an entrepreneur? Better figure that out before you get a second mortgage on the house. 

I have been a founder/co-founder in about a dozen ventures in the US and Brazil. Now, I like sharing my "learning experiences" so you do not have to repeat them. Some recent entrepreneur clients have been a private social service startup, a pickle distributor, a non-profit for educating entrepreneurs in depressed areas, and a boutique investment bank. 

Harvard Business School has hired me as a Career Coach for MBA students in entrepreneurship. I love what I do. 

Most people are helped with a trusted, independent resource. He (or she) used to be called a mentor; today "coach" seems to be the preferred terms. No matter what you call it, you need a safe source of independent information, encouragement, and occasionally caution.  Sometimes you need someone to push, other times someone just to listen. 

Personal Branding

Reinventing yourself? Between opportunities? Been out of college for a decade (or more), and not sure how is the best way to navigate LinkedIn, Monster, Facebook, etc.? I have been there, too. Let's talk.